We invite you to join Black & White Rewards. At Black & White Cabs Brisbane, we’ve been investing in a superior fleet of vehicles and professional driver training to provide excellent service. Our rewards program will not only reward you for taking trips in our vehicles but also for providing us valuable feedback on how well we are serving you.

Joining Black & White Rewards is easy and free. Earn points every time you take a ride in a Black & White Cab. Not in our cabs every day? That's okay, you can earn points other ways: by taking a survey, participating in a poll, playing trivia, clicking on links or watching and listening out for bonus codes.

Use your points to enter awesome Showcase Prize Draws or redeem points for instant wins, changing constantly. Sign up now, start earning, and enjoy all the benefits of being a Black & White Rewards member!

How It Works


Ride in a Black & White cab and you will receive a rewards ticket with your trip details, enter them in here to start earning points.

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Earn points by completing surveys, participating in polls, testing your knowledge in trivia, entering bonus codes or clicking on links

More ways to earn


Use your points to enter into showcase prize draws and you could be a lucky winner! Or start redeeming instant prizes!

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