Frequently Asked Questions

You Earn Points then Redeem them for Rewards Points are earned by catching a Black & White Cab and rating the driver on our website. You can also earn points on the program website by watching videos, taking polls, answering trivia questions, doing surveys or visiting sponsor websites Points can be redeemed for prize draw tickets or an instant reward.
You can earn points in over 6 different ways, from taking a trip in a cab to visiting a sponsors website. Click on the Earn page on our website for more details.
We have 2 different level of prizes. Instant win prizes can be redeemed instantly, whilst our Gold Showcase prizes are decided via random draw. Entrants can enter the Showcase draw by using points to buy tickets.
There is a lot of ways to book a Black & White Cab, and you can also just hail or get in at a rank. We don’t want you to have to carry a card or remember a number, or wait on the phone while others do, so to start with we’re keeping it simple.
Members must be over 18 to redeem points for entries in the prize draw TBC
You can sign up online at
You can earn more points by completing a variety of activities. See or ask a driver for a leaflet
T&C's can be found on our website at
The draws will be made at the premises of Black & White Cabs under supervision of relevant stakeholders.
Gold Showcase draws will be made throughout the program and dates will be published on the website as new prizes become available.
Maybe! We are always looking for innovative new partners! To find out more please contact
Your personal information is held securely and only used to operate the program or provide you with information on Black & White and Partner products and services. For further information, please read our Privacy Policy on our website:
It is a condition of membership that you must have your booking (job) number and cab number to claim your points.
You have the 6 months through the duration of the rewards program to claim your points.
You need an 8 digit code (job #) for your trip and the last 3 digits of the cab number. It can only be used once and must be for a trip in a Black & White Cab from the 24th of October 2016 onwards. Please retry. If you still cannot get it to work, please contact us using the  contact us page
Our technical team has been informed, if this persists please get in touch with us via the contact us page
You must have a job number to claim your trip. If the driver didn't operate the meter or would not give you the details, please contact us using our contact us page (link)
The program is only for Black & White Cabs in Brisbane and Redcliffe
This is an online program only. We do not currently have a means of joining and using the program manually.
Our Terms and Conditions state that you can only claim trips that you made yourself. If you claim a trip in error, please contact us  to make an adjustment. Members who make, or attempt to make, multiple claims for trips not taken themselves will be considered to be acting in bad faith and Black & White Rewards will consider termination of their membership.
Only one person can claim a trip. Agreement must be made between multiple passengers as to who will claim the trip and rate the driver.
All completed trips for which a booking (job) number is issued can be claimed. The meter in the taxi must be engaged in order to create a booking (job) number.
The individual member making the trip is eligible to claim the trip regardless as to who paid for the trip. The program is for individuals and businesses cannot be members.