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Black & White Rewards - Passenger Program Terms & Conditions


The following Terms and Conditions (Terms) apply to the Black & White Rewards Program (Program) which commenced at 12.00am on Monday 24 October 2016.


These Terms apply in conjunction with specific terms and conditions which apply to specific competitions and prizes as part of the Program. For example, each Showcase has its own set of Terms. Where there is any inconsistency, the specific terms and conditions will prevail.


The Promoter is Black & White Cabs Pty Ltd, trading as Black & White Rewards 11 Dryandra Road, Brisbane Airport, QLD, 4008.


A reference to “Website” means www.blackandwhiterewards.com.au.

A reference to ”the State” means Queensland, Australia.

A reference to these “Terms” also means the specific terms or conditions, where applicable.


These Terms and the specific terms and conditions are available on line at the website or can be collected from the Black & White Cabs office reception.




Membership is open to permanent residents of Australia only. The Program has the right to accept or reject any application for membership at its sole discretion.


To enter a person must be over 18 years, or have permission from their legal guardian. The Program may at any time request from a person applying for membership proof of their age and, where applicable, evidence of permission from their legal guardian.


Membership is available only to individuals on a personal basis and not to corporations or associations.


The Program may in its absolute discretion terminate a Member’s participation, cancel or bring forward the expiry date of any points, make changes to the terms and conditions, and suspend or terminate the Black & White Rewards program.


A person who is not a resident of Australia or who applies for membership under a false address, or an address which is not their permanent residence, will have any Points awarded to them cancelled upon evidence of their actual residency. In addition, if that person has successfully redeemed prizes, each prize or its value will be recoverable by the Program upon demand.


A member must use their correct legal identity when applying for or amending their membership. A member who uses an alias or other identity may be disqualified and/or have their membership terminated and/or have any accumulated Points cancelled at the Program’s discretion. Members can only register in one (1) name and have one (1) membership. A person must not register under both a current and former name (for example, under both a maiden and married surname).


If a member is not able to provide proof of legal identity and/or residency to the Program’s satisfaction within 14 days of a request thereof, the Program may cancel their membership and any accumulated Points. A request for proof of identity and/or residency will be deemed to have been made within two days of emailing the written request to the email address in the member’s account profile.


Membership is not open to any employees or their immediate families of Gen3Media Pty Ltd, Black & White Cabs Pty Ltd or any of their related companies. Immediate family is defined as a spouse, child, parent or sibling.


Membership is not open to any Black & White Cabs Drivers or their immediate family. Immediate family is defined as a spouse, child, parent or sibling.


Winners will be required to provide proof of their legal identity, age and residency in order to verify their eligibility to win the prize. Members who have won a prize in a manner that is not in accordance with these Terms will forfeit their right to claim the prize.


Members who are found to have been using a false identity, false address or who have more than one (1) membership account will be disqualified at the Program’s discretion and will forfeit their claim to any prizes. The Program may also cancel their membership account/s and/or any corresponding accumulated Points and/or request the member return or repay the value of prize/s previously won or items acquired from the Program Website.


Members will create a Password which they will need to verify their membership when logging in to the Program Website. Members are responsible for maintaining the security of their password and email account.


Members are solely responsible for providing and updating their personal details




Members will be able to gain Points by completing various activities as nominated on the Program website by the Program, via email or SMS. Each activity will have a specific number of Points allocated to it. Points will be added to the member’s account upon successful completion of each nominated activity. It may take up to 48 hours for Points to be added to a membership account.


Members are not permitted to use automated computer programs, tamper with or manipulate the Points award system, or use devices or tactics to gain Points in a fraudulent manner. Members are not permitted to access the website in an unauthorised manner or in a manner contrary to these Terms. Any Points gained fraudulently and/or contrary to these Terms will be cancelled at the Program’s discretion. The Program may also terminate the relevant member’s membership at its absolute discretion.


Points’ totals will be subject to adjustment by the Program for activity which is in violation of these Terms, not in compliance with the intent of the program, or caused by malfunction or tampering with any technical facility, hardware or software used for operating the program. In the case of suspected malfunction, suspected abuse or violation of these Terms, any decision the Program makes relating to adjustment of Points or termination of membership shall be at its sole discretion and will be final and binding. Members will be notified of any such adjustments through a posting in the transaction history log (viewable in the member account section of the website) or through an email addressed to the most recent email address in the member’s account profile. Should the member disagree with the adjustment, the sole remedy will be withdrawal from the Program.


The Program reserves the right to disqualify any member from receiving a prize or instant win item if the Points used to win that prize or acquire the item were obtained fraudulently or contrary to these Terms. The Program reserves the right to request that the member returns any prize received or repay its retail value in cash where the Program determines that the participant has violated any of these Terms, made any misrepresentation in connection with this program, or used any means to accumulate or use Points other than those clearly intended and announced either on air, via the website, via email, or via SMS from the Program.


Sharing details of Points earning tasks or Codes or other Points earning information that would lead the award of Points among members is expressly prohibited except in the case of sharing information amongst friends, family or work colleagues which is permitted. Obtaining and or submitting a Code or other Points earning information obtained through access to any source other than directly from an official Program source is prohibited. If a member does not comply with or attempts to breach these Terms the Program may terminate a member’s account thereby disqualifying that member from any further participation in the Program and thereupon all Points accumulated by that member and unused will be forfeited.




Members may use their accumulated Points in a number of different ways. The use of Points falls into two (2) categories:


3.1 Members may redeem Points against a ticket in a draw. Each draw will specify the amount of Points required per ticket in a draw. Members may acquire as many tickets in each draw as they choose. Members must be in credit for the number of Points they seek to redeem in order to successfully acquire a ticket.


3.2 Points may be exchanged for an instant win item currently available on the Program Website. Each item will have a nominated Points value. Members who have the specified amount of Points accumulated in their account may exchange the Points for an item, as long as it is not marked “sold out”.


Unless specified in relation to a particular prize or redemption of Points, no disqualification of entitlement to a prize will occur purely because of the quantity or timing of previous prizes won from the Program.




Some members may be ineligible to enter a draw or exchange Points on the Program Website for certain items. For example, by reason of age or legal requirement. Where applicable, the eligibility requirements will be clearly specified next to the prize or in the specific terms and conditions and members who do not meet the eligibility requirements will be ineligible to enter that particular draw or acquire that particular item.


All prize values are inclusive of GST where applicable and are quoted in Australian dollars.


Prize values are based on retail quotes obtained by the supplier at the time of offering the prize. Should a significant component of prize change in value, the Program reserves the right to adjust the remainder of the prize accordingly so that the components meet the specified total value.


All prizes are non-transferable and are not redeemable for cash. All prizes must be used in accordance with the dates specified, where applicable.


The Program will not be responsible or liable if for any reason beyond their reasonable control any element of any prize is not provided. The Program may at its absolute discretion substitute a different prize in place of any prize referred to in these terms and conditions.




Information on how to enter and prizes form part of these conditions of entry. Redemption of Points for Showcase Prize Draw Entries is deemed to be acceptance of these conditions of entry. Entries not completed in accordance with these terms and conditions are ineligible.


The Promoter is Black & White Cabs Pty Ltd


Employees of Black & White Cabs Pty Ltd and Gen3Media Pty Ltd, their agencies, and the clients associated with this promotion, their associated companies, agencies and immediate families are excluded from entering the Prize Draws.


The Gold Prize Draws commencement and closure date will be posted on the Program website as and when the draws are operated. Entry is by redemption of Points for Entries in the Gold Prize Draw.


Each prize draw will be conducted at Black & White Cabs, 11 Dryandra Road, Brisbane Airport.


Winners will be notified by email or phone, and results will appear on the Black & White Rewards Website – www.blackandwhiterewards.com.au .


 All prizes must be taken as offered and cannot be exchanged, transferred or redeemed for cash. Winners must not sell or exchange prizes for profit and doing so is a breach of competition terms.


The Promoter is not liable for lost, late or misdirected entries.


Any change in the value of prizes between the publishing date and the date prizes are claimed is not the responsibility of the promoter.

 The winner releases the Promoter from any and all causes of action, losses, liability, damage, expense (including legal expenses) cost or charge suffered, sustained or in any way incurred by the winner as a result of any loss or damage to any physical property of the winner, or any injury to or death of any person arising out of, or related to or in any way connected with the Promoter or the prize.


The promoter’s decision in relation to all aspect of the Program is final. No correspondence will be entered into.




All members acknowledge that it is a condition of membership that the Program has the right to publicise their names, characters, likenesses or voices for any promotion or matter incidental to the Program.


Winners of any prize may also be required by the Program to participate in a photo, video and/or film session and acknowledges that the Program has the right to use such publicity photo, video and/or film in any medium (including the internet) and in any reasonable manner it sees fit.


Winners of prizes also acknowledge that their name and any photo, video and/or film may be used for a promotional display at the Program or the prize provider’s location.


It is a condition of membership that members and prize winners consent to telephone and other conversations they hold with the Program employees being made public in support of the Program’s promotion.




The Program shall not be liable for any member’s accumulated Points. In the event of the termination or material alteration to the Program such Points or other benefits are terminated or extinguished.

Accumulated Points have no monetary value.


Accumulated Points cannot be sold, assigned, transferred or otherwise redeemed except in accordance with these Terms. Membership terminates automatically on the death of a member and any accumulated Points shall be cancelled.


The Program shall have no liability to any member in the event that Points which are or might have been capable of disqualification under these Terms are nonetheless used or redeemed.


The Program will not be liable for any loss of Points due to technical failure, website downtime, a change in the Terms or the withdrawal or termination of the Program for any reason.





All contestants release from and indemnify Black & White Cabs Pty Ltd and their related companies, employees, agents and contractors against any and all liability, cost, loss or expense arising out of acceptance of any prize/s or participation in the Program including (but not limited to) personal injury and damage to property and whether direct or consequential, foreseeable, due to some negligent act or omission or otherwise.




Unless otherwise specified, all winners will be notified by telephone or e-mail. In addition, where required by State Regulations, winners will be notified in writing and/or by way of Public Notice of a major metropolitan newspaper.


The winners will be responsible for any and all taxes incurred in relation to their receipt of the prize(s) excluding GST or unless otherwise specified. Winners should seek independent financial advice prior to accepting a prize.


The Program will have no liability to any member if for any reason the Program is not capable of running as planned (including but not limited to) technical failures, unauthorised intervention, computer virus, mobile phone failure, tampering, fraud or any other causes beyond the control of the Program which corrupts or affects the administration, security, fairness, integrity or proper conduct of the Program. The Program reserves the right in its sole discretion to cancel, terminate, modify or suspend the continuance of the Program if any of the events occur.


Winners must sign the Program Terms and where applicable, the specific terms and conditions, both in a form prescribed by Black & White Cabs Pty Ltd in order to receive their prize. Winners must sign a Deed of Release and Indemnity at the Program’s request in order to receive certain prizes. In the event that a prize winner under the age of 18 years is permitted to accept a prize, the Program Terms and where applicable, the specific terms and conditions and/or Deed of Release and Indemnity must be signed by their parent or legal guardian.


In all matters, all decisions of the Program will be final and cannot be contested. No correspondence or discussions will be entertained.


Obtaining time off work and/or study and/or otherwise needed to participate in the Program or avail themselves of a prize will be the sole and absolute responsibility of each member.




Black & White Rewards collects your personal information to assist us in providing the rewards program and any goods or services you have requested, to process Prize Draw entries, and to improve our products and services. We or any Australian related companies may be in touch by any means (including email or SMS) to let you know about goods, services, or promotions which may be of interest to you. We may also share your information with other persons or entities that assist us in providing our services, running competitions or with other companies who provide prizes for competitions or member offers.  If you would prefer us not to, please contact the Black & White Cabs privacy officer at 07 3860 1800  or write to: The Privacy Officer, Black & White Cabs 11 Dryandra Road, Brisbane Airport, QLD, 4008.


You can gain access to your personal information by contacting our privacy officer.


The judge’s decision in relation to all aspect of the competition is final. No correspondence will be entered into.


Click here to read the Black & White Cabs Privacy Policy.




The Promoters reserve the right at any time without prior notice and at their sole discretion to make any changes to these Terms and Conditions, the reward schedule and the range of participating parties even if the change has the effect of reducing or eliminating the number or value of, or the period for expiry of existing or future points in, the points balance in any member's account. The Promoters will attempt to notify members of any changes but shall not be liable in any way for failure to do so